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Welcome to the Hot Air Ballooning in the UK website. We are here to ensure you get the most out of your hot air balloon flight experience.

Hot air balloons are able to fly because of the effects of the simple scientific principle that warm air rises when surrounded by cooler air. Gas balloons, however, get their lift from gases that are actually lighter than air, such as helium or hydrogen. In a hot air balloon, a burner filled with propane gas is situated under a large balloon and heats the air within in order to cause the balloon to rise. When the small valve at the top of the balloon is opened this lets some of the hot air escape, and as a result the balloon descends. The warm air doesn’t get out from the hole at the bottom of the balloon since the air keeps moving upwards.

The balloon itself is typically made from polyester or nylon, just as parachutes are. This balloon fabric is considerably tougher than it seems. The balloon is propelled laterally by the wind, and if the pilot wants to head in a particular direction he just ascends or descends to get caught in the wind direction he requires. Before any flight the pilot will contact the local weather service to find out which way the prevailing winds are travelling, and thus work out how he needs to manoeuvre once airborne.
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Hot Air Balloon Flights

A flight in a hot air balloon is a unique experience. Maybe you want to plan a romantic surprise, celebrate a special anniversary or launch a product. Whatever the occasion, the actual flight lasts approximately an hour, the memories last a lifetime. Book one today.
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